Man, I’ve gotten carried away with twitter. This whole hashtag thing is ridonkulous! I can’t stop…even when I’m not in twitter.

Training has been going fantastically. I’m really having fun and I *Think* I’m progressing well… My bike is AWESOME!! Clipless pedals are worth the fall at first. Swimming has improved dramatically and I can totally tell. I feel much more comfortable in the water. and Running….oh running. some days I LOVE you and some days I loathe you. We’ll agree to disagree okay…. I know I can do it but I psyche myself out so much during runs. I don’t do that in my other workouts as much, but running mindfucks me every time.

Nutrition is doing well…I’m stuck on a weight loss plateau. I weigh 160 and for the life of me I can’t see the 150’s. ah well. Eventually, my friend. I will share with you some interesting stats. I took measurements in November. I’d already lost 30 lbs at that point, so this is by no means my biggest sizes….but I’ve since started running and then tri training….so here they are:

I was 172 lbs
bust – 38
waist- 34.5
hips 42.5
thighs 26.5
biceps- 13

A friend kept bothering me to remeasure…so I did on March 10th….here’s the comparison.
weight 160
bust – 34 (By far my biggest loss)
waist- 33
hips- 41
thighs 26
biceps 13

Moral of this story….my BOOBS are shrinking. AHHH!!!! I’m not okay with this……. I want other things to shrink too! haha, I just thought this was funny. I’m not all caught up in it. So don’t misinterpret my post.

I’m making ‘clean’ tacos tonight except cheese. that’s processed, but you can suck it, clean eating….I like cheese. YUMMO…

I need to go start that, but darn it, I like the computer.

Personally, I’m ready to make a big change…hopefully I’ll be able to share that change with you soon….and no it doesn’t involve testosterone supplements…. 🙂 Although I do totally have penis envy. I want to pee standing up without peeing all over myself or using one of these Oh the things people come up with…..

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I’m Still Here!

Like that Joaquin Phoenix movie

I made this great recipe for Pad Thai tonight…..I modified it a little and added shrimp and chicken, and good golly it was easy, quick, and DELISH!!! It will be a regular in the dinner rotation…

Printed off several other recipes today and I’ll let you know as I find good ones….

Training for the week is as follows:
Tues- 1 hr run
Wed- 1 hr ride
Thurs- 1 hr swim/ 30 min strength
Fri- 30 min run/60 min swim
Sat-bike clinic at least 1 hr riding
Sun- 75 min run

Nothing too hard, nothing too easy 🙂

My bike is amazing. I love riding it more and more as I get more comfortable riding with clipless pedals….It’s definitely more efficient…I’m just trying to get to the point where I’m not afraid I’m going to die every time I try to come to a stop. So far, only one fall…(knock on some wood!!!) I’m sure there’ll be more, but oh well. Such is life. Just get back on the bike and ride!

Running is going better than it had been, I psych myself out too much on running. shut up brain.

Swimming is going a million times better than at the start. I’m still beginner and sucky but doing so much better. I keep getting freaked out I’m getting swimmer’s ear. I haven’t gotten it yet, but oh man, i hate that feeling.

just got off a conference call tonight with the CNN folks and my fellow aspiring triathletes, we’ll be tweeting (i’ll be using my @trihardstasia handle for appropriate CNN worthy tweets, but you can also follow me uncensored @StasiaBazinga) all kinds of info about triathlon and healthy lifestyles and what-have-yous…. Also found out that Tim DeBoom professional triathlete and 2 time Ironman world champion will be joining us and training along side us in Hawaii next month. How cool!!! DeBoom goes the dynamite!!! (<–I thought that was catchy…he should use that 😉 ) I also found out we may be doing volcano tours. Fun!! The resort we’re staying at didn’t get a ton of damage, but Hawaii also got some wicked tsunami damage. Check out pics here!!! Crazy madness all over the world. (If you can afford it, donate to the red cross or another charity. I’d hope that other countries would help us in need…and they have in the past, so now it’s our turn to step up. /end soapbox.) We were told to bring an extra bag because we’d be going home with more freebies 🙂 man, I may need another closet by the time all this is said and done…..I’m running out of space.

so, i was going to dig out pics and/or video, but alas, i’ve lost interest….maybe tomorrow 🙂

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Busy Busy Bee…

What a week….I don’t even remember what happened, but I’m glad it’s over.

Today, I did my hour run, EEK!!!! My wonderful coach went along…we did 9 min run, 1 min walk for an hour. Finished my hr with about 4.5 miles done…and then finished the loop to make 5 miles at about 1:06:00. yes, I’m slow. No, I don’t care. I’m just glad I did it.
When I got home, Luke and I went for a quick spin around the neighborhood on our new bikes….no accidents today. Whew!

Speaking of accidents, I didn’t tell you that yesterday….
So this is my first experience riding with clipless pedals. I’m kind of an idiot. I was able to clip in, no problem. was able to unclip and stuff no problem for the first few times. (riding around the bike shop parking lot) So i’m riding, la la la, then I hear what I thought was a car coming up behind me (which it wasn’t) and pulled over to the side of the lot to unclip and let them pass. Unclipped left, leaned right and BLAMMO!!!

so the picture looks far worse than what it is…it’s just a little scrape and bruise, but darn it, I have to make it look cooler (hence changing brightness and contrast 😉 )

So that was that, I’m not officially ‘broke in’ on riding clipless. hopefully, that’s the last of my spills for a while. (or ever)

I made the most amazing dinner today….shrimp and chicken stir fry with whole wheat pasta…

mmm, stir fry

I don’t kid myself. Not many people read this blog (I’m okay with that, I mostly just write for my own pleasure) and I’m sure most don’t care for my recipes, but if anyone is ever interested just post a comment or email me and I’ll be more than happy to provide a recipe for you…

Well, today is almost over, and tomorrow is a rest day so I’m getting off of here to hang with my wonderful husband and just chillax. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great week to come.

Edited to add in response to previous comment:
Cannondale lists my bike MSRP at $2549, but I know they cut CNN a good deal, so I’m not sure what the actual price was that was paid….but I’m so grateful to have a bike worth 1/4 of my car :-0

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My Bike is here!!

Like in my house!!!

Cannondale Synapse
Carbon fiber with SRAM Rival components

This is better than I expected…I knew we were getting carbon, which is more than I expected, but I figured I’d get the cheapest components group….if I was lucky the 105’s but hey CNN just keeps surprising me! I’m beyond thrilled.

I also purchased a Cycleops Magneto trainer and so far I’m really happy with it. (30 min of riding it….)

Luke showing me how to put it on the trainer

So i’m pretty stoked about this, as you can tell….

Update more later….

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Oh man!! Stylish blogger awards!

Some wonderful lady over at A Life to Bragg About gave me a stylish blogger award! I’d like to thank my mom, and my dad…..and oh, this is a blog and whatnot…. Anywho, I’m totally flattered and figured I might as well play along! There are rules involved in this award (damn, I knew there was a catch!)

They are as follows:

1.Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (see below)
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these Bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 Things About Me
1. I have the most foul mouth ever. Seriously, if you have a sailor and a trucker and they had a child, it’d be me.
2. I’m not trendy, fashionable, or girly. My purse is a camo sling bag.
3. I’m a sucker for animals, but I lack patience for children
4. I’ve never really excelled at anything in life…I think this is mostly because I don’t give a shit. I don’t try enough to get good at things. Plus, I have two uber-athletic and talented siblings and another very intelligent brother. How can I compete with that? I’m just average, but I’ve totally accepted it and I have no problem with it.
5. I hated high school. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. People are assholes. I’m much more confident, happy and well-adjusted now than I was in HS.
6. I hate wearing shoes and coats. If I can be barefoot, I will be. I avoid coats if at all possible.
7. If it were socially acceptable, I’d shave my head, get a bunch more piercings and cover my body in tattoos..but alas, I have a real job. BOOO!!!! but I will share with you my favorite tattoo:

It means: It is tossed by the waves, but it does not sink

So, i’m going to tag people for this award, but I’m going to have to get back to you on that….so….be patient! I have several in mind already 😉

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an entire day to myself!!

I’m off of work today! WAHOO!!!! I have a 40 min run and a 50 min swim to do today, but other than that, it’s just me and the dog…
catching up on some blog reading this morning…and I’m seeing a lot of protein pancakes….mmmm….
but, honestly, i’m in the mood for something a bit bad….helloooooo french toast. I don’t even remember the last time I had it, but that’s what i’m going to make as soon as I hit ‘publish’

I’d also like to share a video with you because I’m really digging on the song. Can’t wait for the album to release… man, I love the strokes (that sentence sounded slightly dirty)

oh yeah….week 3 and 4 of training are below:

Week 3
Mon- Rest
Tues – Yoga 1 hr, form run 50 min
Wed- 60 min bike
thurs- 1200 swim
Fri- 1300 swim, 25 min easy run
Sat- 75 min bike ride with 15 min run brick immediately following
Sun- 60 min swim
total workout: 7 hrs 30 min

Week 3 was sucktastic—tuesday’s yoga was done at 5:30 AM and was less than effective. part of the time was me laying on my yoga mat in the basement while the cats sniffed my eyes to make sure I was still alive/awake. I also had clean blankets in the dryer at the time and was so tempted to pull one out and just go back to bed. (moral of the story: morning workouts need to be done outside the house or I am not very motivated) Wed- bike was done in the AM also, but much better. Thursday was a mess but that was weather related. It took our friend who was in town 4.5 hrs to go what should take 45 min-1hr. Friday my swim got f-ed over by a stupid swim meet at the community center….so week 3 sucked ass. glad it’s over!

Week 4
Mon- rest day
Tues- 35 min run (focus on stride and turnover) and 60 min swim
Wed- 40 min run, 50 min swim
Thurs- 60 min bike, 15 min run brick workout
Fri- 60 min swim
Sat- 45 min ride
Sun- 60 min run, 25 min recovery spin on bike
Total 7 hr 30 min

Week 4 is going much better. Yesterday was my run and swim. Today is another run swim….and my bike rides this weekend might actually be on a legitimate bike!!! How exciting!

That’s it for now…sorry I don’t have pics to share, I’m lazy.

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Bike Preview

Guess who’s bike is in KC…MINE BITCHES!!

Here’s a link to the model of the bike….not sure exactly what components I’ve gotten yet…

This is the only pic I’ve got so far…my coach/a bike shop employee sent the pic to me. It still needs built and then I need to get fitted, but believe you me, I’ll post A TON more pics soon!

Not a whole lot has been going on….training, work, more training, dinner sleep. that’s my days…

Weather in KC has been ridiculous.

I hope to update more later. Brain no worky.

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