New Things Galore

Today was full of all sorts of new things.
New Music: Eric Clapton/BB King collaboration This album is kind of amazing!

New People: I met with Kathi from Tri-Namics She’s an amazing athlete and person and I truly enjoyed talking to her. I hope I’m able to work with her more during my tri experience.

More swimming today also. I did 500y. It may have been 450 or 550, I suck at keeping track of how many laps I do.

New Clothes: I desperately needed new clothes. Nothing fits (which is nice) I have pants that fit, I scored 6-7 pairs at a local thrift shop for under $25. WHAT?! I’m not above gently used clothing. Banana Republic, NY & CO, Express, Etc and cheap??!! I’m not going to be in these sizes forever (hopefully) so why pay full price? I bought 5 shirts for me and 1 ‘leather’ jacket for my sister for $58 at JC Penney. I’m pretty happy with my purchases… Take a look!

gray jacket I got for my sister $5

Green is my fave $12

flowers aren't my thing, but it's for work $12

purple shirt $12


$5 on clearance

that’s all. I can’t remember what else I was going to say

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17 pounds.

That’s how much I still need to lose to get to a “healthy” BMI. My weight loss goal is a bit higher than that, but it will be nice to get to that level. You know what also helps….I thought I was only 5′ 3″ until I went to my physical earlier this month. Turns out, I’m 5′ 4″….WOOHOO! I’d like to be in this healthy BMI level by the time of my triathlon. That’s more than realistic. I’d like to be lower than that, but we’ll play it by ear. 😉

More snow fell last night. More shoveling today. LAME! Maybe a run if I feel like it.

Swim and sled tomorrow!!!

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I’m still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates on my part. I’m lazy. It was a long, short week. We got hit with snow 2 weeks ago Monday and ended up with another 8-9 inches on Wednesday. I can’t get out of my driveway in my car, so Husband and I have been carpooling. I’m sure he’s thought about shoving me out of the car many times 🙂 I’m going out in a few minutes to finally shovel my driveway because we’re supposed to get another 3-5 inches tonight and tomorrow. I’m kind of over snow. I think it’s pretty, I like sledding (which i’ll be doing monday), I don’t mind cold (although I prefer warmer temps), but I’m sick of being reliant on others. I want to leave my road. PLOW MY STREET, DAMNIT!!!! Oh well.

I’m going to shovel the drive way and then go for a run…2-3 miles. I feel like I could run longer, but I don’t feel like trying on snow packed roads. shoot me.

Tri News: I’ve been going back and forth via email all week trying to find a coach for me. Allegedly, there is someone in the works….We’ll see how that goes. I’m kind of loud, outspoken, crude, rude, and generally hard to get along with. I hope I don’t push this person over the edge. 🙂 I can’t wait for more information though. I’ll be going within the next week or so to get cycling shoes and pedals/cleats for my bike. I’ll also be fitted for my bike at that time. CNN will then order me a bike and ship it to me. I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing. This will be bike #5 in our garage plus 2 more that are in the works of being built. The road bike will be my 2nd complete bike and then I’m building up a new MTN bike. The rest are my H’s. My husband is a bike junkie. BMX, MTN, urban/park…you name it, he’ll ride it! I fly out for the kickoff in Atlanta Feb. 2nd. CNN Headquarters…that should be fun! I’ll keep you posted on my coach and any other info I get.

Monday is a day off for me and if my street is cleared (not likely, but hopefully) I’ll be going for another swim. (god, I suck) If not, I’ll probably go for a run. Sledding is also in the works for Monday.

I’ll share this picture before I leave, because it’s one of my fave pics of my dog right now. I’m a sucker for animals, I’d secretly like to steal Brit’s Dog and all of Lisa’s dogs! She was battling my friend Jeramie. (I think she won!) PS. She needs her claws trimmed, but refuses to get them trimmed. We tried with 3 adults to trim them and didn’t work. We tried to take her to Petsmart to have them do it, but she ended up getting banned from Petsmart for life after that incident. Oh DAISY!

The Epic battle of Daisy Vs. Jeramie

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If I weren’t so cheap….

I’d buy snowshoes…
maybe I should just fashion some out of sticks and rope, Bear Grylls style…that guy is a ninja.

Aww, husband looks so cute….or confused. I can’t decide which

i know it doesn’t look like it, but we’ve got about 6 inches and it’s supposed to continue through morning….

It won’t stop!!! Our roads don’t get plowed and my car doesn’t do well in snow. Husband and I have been carpooling since he’s got a 4X4. I haven’t gotten to go to the gym today or run outside. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but I’m thinking I might get f-ed over again. GRR!!!!

I thought I had something else to say, but can’t remember anymore….

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My ‘first’ swim

So, I’m not really a swimsuit kind of girl….If you saw my @$$ you’d know why. 🙂 I decided I’d try swimming before my training actually starts just to get an idea of where I stand.

I did 600m. ridiculously slow. I have no form. I can’t get a regular breathing rhythm down. I’m really excited to have a coach for this particular sport. I have no knowledge in it. I’ve never had a formal swim lesson. We had a pond growing up, and we were just taught to swim, so I know nothing about proper form, strokes, breathing etc. The little I do know, I learned from youtube videos, online forums, and internet surfing. I’m glad I went when the pool was dead. There were two other girls there swimming, but 6 lanes open, so I wasn’t holding them up or in their way.

Do you think they’ll let me wear floaties in the Hudson? 🙂

We’re eating more leftover soup this evening. I’m excited.

In other news, Castle and House are new tonight. I don’t watch much TV but the few shows I follow have been reruns for like 2 months!

Tomorrow, I get off work early, so I’ll be doing a run on the TM. I’d like to run outside, but I try to avoid running in the dark because people drive like idiots in my subdivision.

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So I have to share dinner with you….

Beef Stew

1lb lean beef stew meat
1 med. onion- cut into bite size pieces
1.5 C baby carrots
1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes (undrained) [i used unsalted]
1 can (14.5 oz) beef broth [i used low fat, low sodium]
1 can (8oz) tomato sauce
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp dried marjoram
1/4 tsp pepper
3 c diced potatoes (I used new white potatoes, but red or yukon gold will also suffice)
1 c frozen corn
2 stocks of celery
2-3 cups of water [i didn’t measure this, so i can’t be exactly sure….]

combine all of this in a pot and simmer on the stove for a few hours (man, I’m really specific) until veggies are tender and meat is cooked thoroughly.

Nutrition Facts: [these are rough estimates, because i left out Worcestershire sauce and added more water and added more veggies to my recipe than it called for, so the sodium may be a bit higher than it actually is]

1 serving = 1.25 cups
cal 305
cal from fat 65
fat 7g
cholesterol 35 mg
sodium 820 mg
carbs 43g
fiber 6 g
protein 18g

i served this with sourdough bread with a little butter and some garlic powder on it. warmed the bread in the oven and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

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Uh, so it’s cold…

I wore a wicking shirt, a wicking half zip middle layer, a columbia soft shell, 2 pairs of pants, and my compression sleeves on my calves. also a headband a hat and a pair of gloves. I stayed warm. 🙂

I was getting dressed and was totally dressed when I realized I forgot my HRM chest strap. LAME SAUCE. redressed.

I didn’t get to run as much as I wanted because it’s f-ing cold and none of the roads are adequately plowed, let alone my trail being cleared…. (those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them!)

Tonight, vegetable beef soup with sourdough bread 🙂

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