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See you next week!

I may have a few brief posts over the next few days, but (hopefully) I’ll be in Atlanta! Here’s an idea of my schedule: (I’ve deleted names and locations for security and privacy’s sake) Right now, it’s still snowing, the … Continue reading

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Randomness and delicious pasta!

I’m ready for my next race. I’m itching for it, in fact. I’m kind of addicted. I guess this is better (and cheaper) than crack. There’s a 4 miler on Feb. 13th, but I don’t want to spend the $ … Continue reading

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I’m still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates on my part. I’m lazy. It was a long, short week. We got hit with snow 2 weeks ago Monday and ended up with another 8-9 inches on Wednesday. I can’t get out of … Continue reading

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If I weren’t so cheap….

I’d buy snowshoes… maybe I should just fashion some out of sticks and rope, Bear Grylls style…that guy is a ninja. Aww, husband looks so cute….or confused. I can’t decide which i know it doesn’t look like it, but we’ve … Continue reading

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