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Holy Crap, I AM still alive!!

so….i always think about updating this, and then I have to go swim, bike, run….or eat or sleep or work, because that’s all I do. 🙂 Here comes some updates. BAM! So Last I posted….I was headed to Hawaii.. well, … Continue reading

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3 days until I leave for Hawaii. I’m pretty freaking stoked. I’ll be sure to take a TON of pics and video to post when I get back. I’m a little upset I’ll be away from home (my husband and … Continue reading

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I’m not pregnant, but thanks for asking, BITCH!

Lovely day for blogging? I think so. I’m really bad about this blogging business. I’m amazed at these wonderful ladies who work, workout, cook delicious recipes, and find time to blog. Maybe I don’t manage my time well… but I … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here!

Like that Joaquin Phoenix movie… I made this great recipe for Pad Thai tonight…..I modified it a little and added shrimp and chicken, and good golly it was easy, quick, and DELISH!!! It will be a regular in the dinner … Continue reading

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I’m going to Hawaii!!!!!

Hells yeah!!! CNN is sending us on a halfway trip to Hawaii. I’ll tell you more as I get more info!! This is amazing!

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Holy Long Blog Entry, Batman!

So this is going to be ridiculously long, I’m going to break it down in paragraphs by the day…. Last Wednesday, I left Kansas City for Atlanta . I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it out because we’d … Continue reading

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Quick Post. I’m still alive!!

I haven’t forgotten about my blogging peeps. I’m a little sick. Ankle deep in training and still trying to finish laundry. 🙂 but….I wanted to share a little something with you…. IT’S STARTED!!! Here is my CNN profile introductory I … Continue reading

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