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Last run before 5k

So it was 17 Degrees with a windchill of 7. BRRR!!! My first mile was cold and stupid. I kept negative splits. I finished my 3 miles in under 40 min. which was a goal of mine. I walked my … Continue reading

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If I weren’t so cheap….

I’d buy snowshoes… maybe I should just fashion some out of sticks and rope, Bear Grylls style…that guy is a ninja. Aww, husband looks so cute….or confused. I can’t decide which i know it doesn’t look like it, but we’ve … Continue reading

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Uh, so it’s cold…

I wore a wicking shirt, a wicking half zip middle layer, a columbia soft shell, 2 pairs of pants, and my compression sleeves on my calves. also a headband a hat and a pair of gloves. I stayed warm. 🙂 … Continue reading

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I have an addiction.

There. I’ve admitted it. It’s the first step. I’m one day clean. from Chipotle that is. I can’t stop!!!!!! I get the shakes when I don’t have that delicious salsa. In other news, I’m back at it after a few … Continue reading

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Confidence Builder

I finally went running after stupid snow issues. I got to the gym. My car made it out of my subdivision. It was nice to run in a climate controlled environment. I did two miles faster than I ever have, … Continue reading

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Missing in Action

What ever happened to that Tri Hard Stasia girl??? Oh, she got snowed in! Probably 7-8 inches on the ground and it’s blowing all around. Talk about lousy weather. It started snowing overnight Sunday into Monday and didn’t stop until … Continue reading

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New Gear!

Man, it’s been like Christmas this week! I shall share my cool new things with you. My husband got me the Garmin Forerunner 305 for my birthday but let me get it early since I’m starting tri training! (what a … Continue reading

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