Holy Crap, I AM still alive!!

so….i always think about updating this, and then I have to go swim, bike, run….or eat or sleep or work, because that’s all I do. đŸ™‚ Here comes some updates. BAM!
So Last I posted….I was headed to Hawaii..
well, It’s been two months since then and I miss it like crazy….It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I’ve never seen anything so majestic as the Big Island of Hawaii. My flights sucked ass on the way in….KC to LA was bumpy as hell the whole way and I had to pee like crazy and the seatbelt light was on the WHOLE FLIGHT! I had a bit of a layover in LA and was switching airlines because KC is such a tiny shit hole of an airport so i switched terminals in la and went thru security again and met up with our other people to get on the flight to Kona!! That flight was next to a mom and her son who peed more than anyone I’ve ever met….(like 7 times in a 5 hr flight) *Did I mention, I was in the isle??* anyways…….next topic.
we landed around 4PM Kona time and the airport is literally little huts.

well, crap. it seems like the slideshow isn’t working….but if you click the link you can see a few pics. You can also view a ton of pics on CNN Fit Nation’s facebook page
Anyways, it was a week of delicious food, working out, snorkeling, and sunburns and it was absolutely fantastic to train with Tim DeBoom and Nicole DeBoom. What down to earth wonderful people they are….and they’re expecting their first baby now!! How exciting!

Anyways, after I came back from hawaii, i got sick…. that’s what very little sleep and a WAAAAY too busy schedule does to me.

Not much in the way of news…..until the Sedalia Spring into summer duathlon!! Blog post to follow…

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