I’m not pregnant, but thanks for asking, BITCH!

Lovely day for blogging? I think so. I’m really bad about this blogging business. I’m amazed at these wonderful ladies who work, workout, cook delicious recipes, and find time to blog. Maybe I don’t manage my time well… but I enjoy a little nothing time at the end of my days.

Any who,

This is the happenings of Stasia as of late.
*Today (4/11) I had a lady ask me if I was pregnant. F’real?!?!?!! Never wearing that shirt to work again
*Ever since my 10k my scale is showing 4-7 lbs more than usual…and it’s not going away. I have a real problem with this. You can tell me that the scale isn’t the only measure of success and blah blah blah, but go F yourself because 7 lbs is A LOT….I’ve worked very hard to take that 7 lbs off and don’t even try to tell me I’ve gained 7lbs in muscle because I’m not stupid. And no my pants are not fitting any better. Ah, the ups and downs of weight loss.
*Saturday was awesome. I rode 22 miles and ran 1.2 miles afterwards. It was fantastic.
*I have more yummy, healthy groceries in my fridge after several days of surviving on nothing
*A week from today, I’ll be sitting on the beach in Hawaii.

Training has been frustrating for me lately. I’m progressing in my workouts, and as much as I enjoy running I’ve got a huge mental block lately. Everything else is going smoothly, I just can’t get over my block. Even after a 100% perfect 10k performance, I apparently cannot run 45 minutes.

Personally, I’m sick of juggling everyone else’s problems. I’ve got a full time job, a house to keep, dinner to make, workouts to do and a ton of other things, I don’t have time to hear about and/or fix your problems. I’m sorry, maybe that’s selfish of me, but everyone is getting on my nerves lately.

In funny news, I have the worst dog ever. She knows when she’s been bad and will put herself in time out in her kennel. We know that when we come out of another room or come back inside from being outdoors, if she’s in her kennel we need to look around for something eaten, destroyed, etc. The other day was an entire package of those wonderful iced sugar cookies that I’d gotten on sale. Today, I woke up (my husband was already up with her and he was in the bathroom) and she’s sitting in her kennel. I said “Daisy, what have you done?!?!!” and she gets this sad look on her face and wags her tail. I went to the kitchen and Luke’s entire thing of cookies had been eaten AGAIN! She’s also eaten brownies, cake balls, bagels, rolls, biscuits, etc. But she does not act alone. She has an accomplice. Our black cat, Marley (that evil genius) is in cahoots with the dog. Daisy cannot reach stuff on the counter top….Marley knocks it on the floor (I think he does this to get back at us for something, to try to steal a bit for himself and to get the dog in trouble) then Daisy swoops in for the kill and eats every last crumb. I truly believe that the dog feels guilty about it. She just can’t help herself. If there is something on the floor, she’s going to eat it. In regards to this situation, we’ve had to start putting stuff in the microwave that’s laying on the counters….containers of cookies, Ziploc bags of leftover biscuits, etc.

In unhealthy snack news, have you ever dipped pretzels in vanilla cake frosting? I implore you to go try it right now. You will not regret it.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, in lifestyle change news, my wonderful husband has quit smoking. He’s kicking ass and I’m proud of him. You should be proud of him too!

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One Response to I’m not pregnant, but thanks for asking, BITCH!

  1. Lisa says:

    I tend to gain weight in my stomach first and sometimes some clothes make me look pregnant. When I was really heavy I did have someone mistaken me for a pregnant person and I was horrified. I went home and threw out that shirt immediately! People can be so rude!

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