I suck at this…

blogging that is.

I never have time to do it. I know, I know….make it a priority…but i’ve already done that with cooking at home, cleaning my house, working out, going to work, showering, etc…..I’ve only got 24 hours, people!! so…I’m setting a goal of updating once a week at minimum. Mondays will be my update day…(these are my rest days 😉 )

Training is going fantastically. 10K race this saturday. I’m slow, but I’m okay with that. because i’ll finish and I won’t be last. I’d like to finish in under 75 minutes, but I’ll play it by ear. Swimming is going well also. I swam 400M, no stopping. and done lots of other stuff that are major accomplishments to me too. Cycling is so much fun. My bike is great. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor cycling. I want to be faster too!!

Conference call tonight with my fellow 6-Packers! Can’t wait to check in with everyone.

Diet: I try to eat clean. I don’t do it 100% of the time. This week, I’m doing 100% clean eating. To start off the week, I made Brit‘s amazing Whole Wheat Bagels!!! OMG, these things are heaven!! I’ve also decided I need to try new things. I’ve heard all the raves about quinoa and everyone loves it, so I bought some (Wow $$$) and I’m going to make some this week. For breakfast, I’ve been doing egg white omelets with green onion, green pepper, and spinach and those are pretty fantastic, also. I feel like it’s hard to hit my calorie count though. I’m at 1108 cals for the day with bfast, lunch, and two snacks. I try to eat right at 2000 per day…pretty sure my avocado pasta isn’t 900 calories 😉 So there you have it….my diet dilemma, I don’t eat enough??! never thought I’d say that. Suggestions on upping calorie count without eating unhealthy, processed foods and without eating constantly. I try to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and then dinner. I’d love to hear ideas of anyone who actually still reads this blog. I understand if you don’t.

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4 Responses to I suck at this…

  1. Add more protein! Get some yummy Clif bars(I love the chocolate mints ones) http://www.clifbar.com/food/products_builders/. Why are you not eating the whole egg when you make your omelets? Egg yolks will not kill you nor make you fat. Also why just those particular veggies? You need more color in your life girl! Get some bell peppers of all colors, tomatoes, carrots, etc! What are you eating for your snacks? Try and add some protein to those too, it will help you feel full(er). I eat an apple or banana or celery with natural PB or a protein shake. Or the previously mention clif bars. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • I eat a ton of protein. I eat a 40 carb: 30 Protein 30 Fat diet…..it’s all in my head….I just miss my cottage cheese and other processed items. I was given a diet for this week to follow by our head trainer….I eat eggs (whole eggs) all the time. Hard boiled are my faves….so yeah, i’m about over the 100% clean eating thing….it’s not realistic or sustainable for me.

  2. Annan says:

    I read… Eat more nuts, yogurt, fruit….

    • I’m glad I have a few dedicated readers 🙂 thank you!! and thanks for your input and I eat lots of nuts and fruit…A LOT!!! yogurt makes me want to puke…I’m not a fan of the texture and taste. I’m actually eating fat free cottage cheese a lot for protein. the only negative is the high sodium content. 😦

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