Holy Crap, I AM still alive!!

so….i always think about updating this, and then I have to go swim, bike, run….or eat or sleep or work, because that’s all I do. 🙂 Here comes some updates. BAM!
So Last I posted….I was headed to Hawaii..
well, It’s been two months since then and I miss it like crazy….It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I’ve never seen anything so majestic as the Big Island of Hawaii. My flights sucked ass on the way in….KC to LA was bumpy as hell the whole way and I had to pee like crazy and the seatbelt light was on the WHOLE FLIGHT! I had a bit of a layover in LA and was switching airlines because KC is such a tiny shit hole of an airport so i switched terminals in la and went thru security again and met up with our other people to get on the flight to Kona!! That flight was next to a mom and her son who peed more than anyone I’ve ever met….(like 7 times in a 5 hr flight) *Did I mention, I was in the isle??* anyways…….next topic.
we landed around 4PM Kona time and the airport is literally little huts.

well, crap. it seems like the slideshow isn’t working….but if you click the link you can see a few pics. You can also view a ton of pics on CNN Fit Nation’s facebook page
Anyways, it was a week of delicious food, working out, snorkeling, and sunburns and it was absolutely fantastic to train with Tim DeBoom and Nicole DeBoom. What down to earth wonderful people they are….and they’re expecting their first baby now!! How exciting!

Anyways, after I came back from hawaii, i got sick…. that’s what very little sleep and a WAAAAY too busy schedule does to me.

Not much in the way of news…..until the Sedalia Spring into summer duathlon!! Blog post to follow…

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3 days until I leave for Hawaii. I’m pretty freaking stoked. I’ll be sure to take a TON of pics and video to post when I get back. I’m a little upset I’ll be away from home (my husband and the dog and cats) but I think I’ll pull through. 😉 I did get a not unexpected, but very unwanted monthly visit today. FML. c’est la vie.

I don’t have much to say….I’m sick of allergy season, that’s for sure….

I’m looking forward to Hawaii and to coming home to my favorite love.

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I’m not pregnant, but thanks for asking, BITCH!

Lovely day for blogging? I think so. I’m really bad about this blogging business. I’m amazed at these wonderful ladies who work, workout, cook delicious recipes, and find time to blog. Maybe I don’t manage my time well… but I enjoy a little nothing time at the end of my days.

Any who,

This is the happenings of Stasia as of late.
*Today (4/11) I had a lady ask me if I was pregnant. F’real?!?!?!! Never wearing that shirt to work again
*Ever since my 10k my scale is showing 4-7 lbs more than usual…and it’s not going away. I have a real problem with this. You can tell me that the scale isn’t the only measure of success and blah blah blah, but go F yourself because 7 lbs is A LOT….I’ve worked very hard to take that 7 lbs off and don’t even try to tell me I’ve gained 7lbs in muscle because I’m not stupid. And no my pants are not fitting any better. Ah, the ups and downs of weight loss.
*Saturday was awesome. I rode 22 miles and ran 1.2 miles afterwards. It was fantastic.
*I have more yummy, healthy groceries in my fridge after several days of surviving on nothing
*A week from today, I’ll be sitting on the beach in Hawaii.

Training has been frustrating for me lately. I’m progressing in my workouts, and as much as I enjoy running I’ve got a huge mental block lately. Everything else is going smoothly, I just can’t get over my block. Even after a 100% perfect 10k performance, I apparently cannot run 45 minutes.

Personally, I’m sick of juggling everyone else’s problems. I’ve got a full time job, a house to keep, dinner to make, workouts to do and a ton of other things, I don’t have time to hear about and/or fix your problems. I’m sorry, maybe that’s selfish of me, but everyone is getting on my nerves lately.

In funny news, I have the worst dog ever. She knows when she’s been bad and will put herself in time out in her kennel. We know that when we come out of another room or come back inside from being outdoors, if she’s in her kennel we need to look around for something eaten, destroyed, etc. The other day was an entire package of those wonderful iced sugar cookies that I’d gotten on sale. Today, I woke up (my husband was already up with her and he was in the bathroom) and she’s sitting in her kennel. I said “Daisy, what have you done?!?!!” and she gets this sad look on her face and wags her tail. I went to the kitchen and Luke’s entire thing of cookies had been eaten AGAIN! She’s also eaten brownies, cake balls, bagels, rolls, biscuits, etc. But she does not act alone. She has an accomplice. Our black cat, Marley (that evil genius) is in cahoots with the dog. Daisy cannot reach stuff on the counter top….Marley knocks it on the floor (I think he does this to get back at us for something, to try to steal a bit for himself and to get the dog in trouble) then Daisy swoops in for the kill and eats every last crumb. I truly believe that the dog feels guilty about it. She just can’t help herself. If there is something on the floor, she’s going to eat it. In regards to this situation, we’ve had to start putting stuff in the microwave that’s laying on the counters….containers of cookies, Ziploc bags of leftover biscuits, etc.

In unhealthy snack news, have you ever dipped pretzels in vanilla cake frosting? I implore you to go try it right now. You will not regret it.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, in lifestyle change news, my wonderful husband has quit smoking. He’s kicking ass and I’m proud of him. You should be proud of him too!

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Rock the Parkway 10k race recap

April 2, 2011 – Rock the Parkway 10k
Bib 4257 Chip Time 1:15:42.1
Ran with: Dawn M.
1st 10K race

My race prep began Friday. I spent all day drinking lots of water. Friday night, we grilled chicken and asparagus on the grill and roasted some potatoes in the oven. I had friends over that night and played dancing games on the Wii. After our friends left, I organized all of my stuff for the morning. Laid out my clothes, got my hat, my Garmin, water bottles, breakfast etc all ready so that I could run on auto-pilot in the morning. I called it an early night and I went to bed about 10:15. About 5:37A.M., I woke up. My alarm was set to go off at 5:40 so I just went ahead and got up. I stumbled out of bed, slightly concerned that my legs were fatigued from a night of Wii dancing. I got dressed and grabbed my stuff I’d laid out the night before. At this point, my legs were just fine. No issues from the Wii. Whew! I grabbed my tuna sandwich and a banana and a bottle of water for the ride to Target in Gladstone to meet Dawn. I managed to eat my banana in the car. I took a bite of the tuna sandwich and chewed and chewed. I knew if I swallowed that bite, that it’d come right back up so I set it aside and figured I’d try to eat more later. Dawn and I met at target at 6:15AM and headed towards the race site. On the way, we talked about pacing and what I wanted to start at and what I wanted to finish at. We decided to go out at about a 13:00 pace for the first few miles and pick it up from there. My plan was to run each mile and walk for one minute. We arrived at Dawn’s office, conveniently located across from the Start/Finish line at about 6:45. We each took a bathroom break and I was able to eat my sandwich and have some more water. I put my timing chip on my laces and we decided to head towards the start about 7:20. Half marathoners started at 7:30. I felt good. I felt positive, well trained, and ready to go. I wasn’t nervous or anxious. I came prepared. I had a handheld bottle of Gatorade and Cherry flavor sport beans as race fuel. I ate a pack of sport beans around 7:20-:7:30 before we began. At 7:45, the 10k began. We walked to the starting line as the crowd slowly proceeded. Dawn had driven the course the day prior and said there wasn’t anything too disconcerting, but it was a rolling course with a few gradual longish hills. The course was an out and back course and the elevation map on the website showed it as gradual incline and the first half and a gradual decline coming back. The first mile was cold. The weather was partly cloudy in the low to mid 40’s when we started out. I had on capri’s, a tank top and my arm warmers. We hit mile one at about 12:33; A little bit faster than our 13:00 plan, but not too bad. Mile 1 was riddled with coats, hoodies, and cover ups that people had ditched as they warmed up. There weren’t a ton of spectators but the few that were on the course were very cheery and upbeat which helped. We hit aid station one and we took a short walk break so Dawn could grab some water. I continued to hydrate with my Gatorade throughout the course. Mile 2 came and went. 13:04. Right at our target. Somewhere in there, a lady was out of her car at a cross street on Ward Parkway yelling at a police officer because she was being inconvenienced by the road closure. We heard him yelling at her to get back in her car. This was definitely a highlight of the race. J Around the: 30 mark, I started eating some more sport beans. We hit mile 3 in another 13:07 minutes. Keeping steady. Around mile 3, there was the Iron Band playing music and a little more crowd support at this point. We were cruising up a hill and I was getting tired. We took our one minute walk break and I was ready to go again. We hit the turn around and started heading back to home, so to speak. Mile four was 12:01. Now we’re talking. I felt good. Energy levels were kicking. The weather was perfect. By this time, I’d ditched the arm warmers and tucked them into the waist of my pants. We aid station two and got a bit of water and kept on. At the one hour point, I ate more of my sport beans. Mile 5 came. 12:03. we’re holding steady and right where I want to be. I had 1.2 miles left and I was kicking! There was nothing notable along the course; several friendly people cheering us on, some cute dogs along the way, and wonderful people at aid stations handing out water and Gatorade. Nearing the end, I picked up the pace. We hit the last mile in 11:07. Holy smokes, I was on fire. No, really, my lungs were BURNING!! This was the only ‘uncomfortable’ time during the whole race. It was still tolerable, but I was pushing with all I had. I was running strong. I kept telling myself, I was almost done. I am strong. I’ve trained for this. Only a bit longer and then I’m done. My last .2 miles was done at a 9:48 pace. I crossed the finish line strong and happy at 1:15:42. My goal time was 1:20:00. I blew that out of the water. My second time goal was 1:15:00. I think it still counts if you’re in the same minute, right. 😉 I felt like I had enough energy and water throughout the race. I didn’t really think about it until afterwards, but I bet a good portion of my boost was from the caffeine in the sport beans. I don’t drink anything with caffeine anymore, so 150mg of it probably jump started my system. We walked around a bit after the race and drank some water and took a few pictures. We had some chocolate milk and I ate half a roll. I wasn’t at all hungry at this point. I felt good. I stretched out a bit at the car and we drove back to Gladstone. Later in the day, Luke and I stopped at Lowe’s. I’d bent down to look at something on the bottom shelf and couldn’t stand back up. My knees hurt so bad! When I got home, I iced them and just stayed off my feet. The next morning, my knees were 100%. No issues what-so-ever. My left quad is a bit stiff and I’ve got some mild soreness, but nothing too bad. Overall, I’m very happy with my time and I know I gave it my all. It was a very positive experience for my first 10k and I’m happy I did it. 4 months until NYC Triathlon!

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I’m such a hardcore cyclist…i clip into my car pedals. 🙂 oh yeah.

not really. that’s dangerous. especially in a stick shift.

I don’t have much to say except to pimp my friend.. She’s signed up to maybe be on the cover of Yoga Journal.
Please vote for her!!!!


Starr and her 53 yr old mom

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I suck at this…

blogging that is.

I never have time to do it. I know, I know….make it a priority…but i’ve already done that with cooking at home, cleaning my house, working out, going to work, showering, etc…..I’ve only got 24 hours, people!! so…I’m setting a goal of updating once a week at minimum. Mondays will be my update day…(these are my rest days 😉 )

Training is going fantastically. 10K race this saturday. I’m slow, but I’m okay with that. because i’ll finish and I won’t be last. I’d like to finish in under 75 minutes, but I’ll play it by ear. Swimming is going well also. I swam 400M, no stopping. and done lots of other stuff that are major accomplishments to me too. Cycling is so much fun. My bike is great. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor cycling. I want to be faster too!!

Conference call tonight with my fellow 6-Packers! Can’t wait to check in with everyone.

Diet: I try to eat clean. I don’t do it 100% of the time. This week, I’m doing 100% clean eating. To start off the week, I made Brit‘s amazing Whole Wheat Bagels!!! OMG, these things are heaven!! I’ve also decided I need to try new things. I’ve heard all the raves about quinoa and everyone loves it, so I bought some (Wow $$$) and I’m going to make some this week. For breakfast, I’ve been doing egg white omelets with green onion, green pepper, and spinach and those are pretty fantastic, also. I feel like it’s hard to hit my calorie count though. I’m at 1108 cals for the day with bfast, lunch, and two snacks. I try to eat right at 2000 per day…pretty sure my avocado pasta isn’t 900 calories 😉 So there you have it….my diet dilemma, I don’t eat enough??! never thought I’d say that. Suggestions on upping calorie count without eating unhealthy, processed foods and without eating constantly. I try to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and then dinner. I’d love to hear ideas of anyone who actually still reads this blog. I understand if you don’t.

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Just want to share deliciousness with you….

Jalapeno, Sausage, Jack, & Egg Breakfast braid

This recipe comes from Cooking Light magazine and it’s absolutely wonderful. I didn’t use the oil and I used turkey sausage, not chicken sausage. It’s fairly high in fat, but so be it, because it’s delicious.

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