See you next week!

I may have a few brief posts over the next few days, but (hopefully) I’ll be in Atlanta!
Here’s an idea of my schedule: (I’ve deleted names and locations for security and privacy’s sake)

Right now, it’s still snowing, the wind is blowing, and I’m unsure how much snow we’ve truly got, because of blowing snow there is limited visibility and LOTS of drifting!!!! It’s supposed to taper off tonight and remain ridiculously cold and windy tomorrow. Please pray, send vibes, or whatever it takes so that I can get on a plane to Atlanta tomorrow! I’m so ready for this kick off and I’m so excited for this opportunity!

I’m cold and still need to shower….so I’m signing off. See you guys soon!

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Randomness and delicious pasta!

I’m ready for my next race. I’m itching for it, in fact. I’m kind of addicted. I guess this is better (and cheaper) than crack. There’s a 4 miler on Feb. 13th, but I don’t want to spend the $ right now and I’m not sure how it’ll fit into my training schedule. I’m going to talk to my coach and see about planning another race around March or April. Rock the parkway is in April and I think I might start working towards the 10k. That’d be fun! And I must say, I think my husband got a bit of the race bug just observing. He’s been talking about the Warrior Dash more and more. We’ve talked about racing this together in October. I think it’d be a fun weekend.
My week is full of chaos. Sunday was my race. After that, we went home and showered and then went to see 127 Hours. What a fantastic movie. People amaze me everyday with what they can do if they have to. I never thought I’d run 3 miles, but I did. I’m sure Aron Ralston never thought he’d have to hack his own arm off, but he did. My accomplishment is a drop in the bucket compared to being trapped for 5 days, drinking your own urine, breaking your own arm and hacking at it with your multi-tool. AMAZING. After that, we came home and did laundry, dishes, cleaned, made crappy dinner. I had some pasta (creamy garlic something or other, it was mediocre at best)
Tonight, I’ll be cleaning some more so that I can come home to a clean house when I get back from Atlanta. Assuming I make it to Atlanta. Which brings me to my next bitch session:
THE WEATHER CAN GO FUCK ITSELF! We’re getting freezing rain as I type. I guess roads are getting slick in spots. (go figure) Tonight, it’s supposed to turn over to snow and we’re supposed to get 10-13 inches. Good GOD!!! I work at a bank, we won’t cancel work. My husband and I are back to carpooling. Poor Scion just doesn’t like winter. Wednesday is when my flight leaves (6:00) and I’m hoping it’ll be clear enough by then. We’re supposed to continue to get snow Tuesday into Wednesday morning and then 20-40 MPH winds all day Wednesday causing blizzard conditions and drifting. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to make it out of KC. I’m FREAKING out!

On a happier note, I made this Creamy Avocado pasta from The recipe is a vegan recipe, but I grilled up 2 chicken breast halves to go along side. (just threw some lemon pepper seasoning and crushed red pepper on it) I had a salad with cranberries, mixed nuts and balsamic vinegar on it. It was king of awesome.
THIS PASTA IS AMAZING!!! If you try any recipes from bloggers, I IMPLORE you to try this one!

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Groundhog Run 5k recap

Well, ladies and gents, it’s complete.
A few things I’ve learned and/or observations:
*Mexican food probably isn’t a good idea the night before a race. (noted) Good thing I was okay.
*I hate fast runners who start at the back of the pack and proceed to pass everyone. I assume you’re back there so you can feel better about yourself for passing a bunch of people, but really you’re just pathetic. This is the 12 min mile pace or more and you’re going MUCH faster than that
*I really like tuna sandwiches
*Running in caves is warm. Tank top and shorts rock in January
*Running in caves is BORING. No scenery. No crowd to cheer. just same crap
*Racing is a lot of fun and a big adrenaline rush
*I don’t think I’ll run that particular race again

All in all, it was a fun experience. Here is my time:

Groundhog Run 5k! 1/30/11

My splits based on my garmin were:

Here is what I wore because I enjoy looking like a douche in public. Although, I ended up switching to my Batman headband. I’ll post race photos when they update that jazz.

I like the socks 🙂

I can’t remember what else to write….my coach said I should take a detailed account of each race and what I did good and what I’d do differently…maybe later. My brain is tired.

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A few observations:

*I paid money to run…??? I get it, i get it…it’s a race, $ benefits a charity, blah blah blah….but really….i paid to run?

*I hate S. KC and KS drivers….dear god, will it kill you to use a signal?!?!!!?

*I’m totally nauseated at the thought of having to be on tv….perhaps I should have thought of that BEFORE entering a contest thru CNN. Lame sauce.

*I had one more of these I wanted to write but I can’t remember it now.

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Last run before 5k

So it was 17 Degrees with a windchill of 7. BRRR!!! My first mile was cold and stupid. I kept negative splits. I finished my 3 miles in under 40 min. which was a goal of mine. I walked my last .40 mi to cool down. My heart rate was higher than I’d like it to be but I attribute that to me pushing myself because it’s F-ing COLD!!!! I’m confident that I can finish the 5k no problem, I’m worried I’m going to epic fail at my time goal. I know I can do it, but I’m afraid I’ll choke. I know you’re not supposed to have time goals for your first race, but f that jazz! I’m not going to lie to myself or you. I’ve got a time goal.

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More New Things

New Road shoes!!

New Pedals

and I *think* I have a new coach. As far as I’m concerned, I have met the lady I’d like to train with. The athletic director will have the final say, i think, so this isn’t finalized, but I’m super excited for this whole business.

I have nothing else to write about, so g’day.

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Short update


This stuff is amazing!  Had it w a honeycrisp apple at lunch.

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